8 Tried And Tested Ways To Get Over The Break Up Blues

If all else fails, getting into Harvard Law always works.

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Breaking up with your significant other is hard, especially if it was someone you felt strongly about and the end of the relationship was a shock.

To help with the heartbreak, we’ve put together some helpful tips to try and get you through the grieving period.

#1 Cut Contact

As tempting as that 2am “I miss you” text might be, try your hardest to cut ties, even just for a little bit. Research shows that people who make a clean break and have a complete detox will recover better from the relationship in the long run.

Keep in mind that the relationship ended for a reason, as much as it might hurt being alone.

#2 Try Something New  

Join a sporting team, go to a book club or even just try a new hobby at home. Keeping yourself occupied might give your mind a break from over analysing every second of the relationship and remember what it’s like to just be happy.

#3 Put Things Into Perspective 

A relationship ended – it’s not the end of the world, even if it feels like it is. Sometimes you need a bit of perspective. Chances are you have a roof over your head, food on the table and a job to go to. The world will keep spinning, and the sun will rise tomorrow, we promise.

#4 Spend Time With Friends

Loneliness is the worst part of a breakup. A strong social network means a shoulder to cry on, people to get drunk with (beats drinking on your own) and someone to give you the emotional support you need.

It’s important to talk and not keep your feelings bottled up or they’re only going to explode out later. If the support from friends doesn’t seem enough or there are things you feel you can’t discuss with them, seeking professional help is a good option.

#5 Journal

Writing is therapeutic and putting your thoughts into words in a private way will make you feel like there’s a load off your shoulders, trust me. As silly as you feel doing it, no one is ever going to read what you write (here’s hoping you have either a really good hiding spot or trustworthy roommates), and it helps to put your deepest thoughts out in the open.

#6 Buy Some New Bedding

As weird of a tip this is, revamping your sleeping space could be a good way to help deal with the loss of a relationship. Think about it: your bed is probably somewhere that reminds you of your former partner (especially at night time) so some new bedding can help get rid of any associations that might spark emotion. Indulge in a new doona cover, buy some new pillows and feel the freshness.

#7 Find The Positives

When you break up, it’s hard to look past the sadness and negativity. It’s important to remember that this person was someone you once loved and had happy times with. Think back to the good experiences you shared, and smile because they happened. Look at what you got out of the relationship: maybe you’re a more confident person, or you discovered a new passion because of your partner.

#8 Give It Time

The most important thing you can do is remember to allow yourself time. Chances are you’ve said goodbye to an important part of your life, and it will take a little bit to adjust. You’re grieving a loss, and it’s important to be kind to yourself and not rush the process.

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