#WomenBoycottTwitter: There’s Now A Big Protest To Rose McGowan’s Suspension

It has some people divided.


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In the latest turn in the Weinstein scandal, people are now calling for a day-long boycott of Twitter on Friday October 13 (US time) in response to the suspension of Rose McGowan’s account.

McGowan has been one of the most public detractors of Weinstein since allegations of his sexual misconduct surfaced, encouraging her #ROSEARMY to join her in criticising people who enabled, covered up or defended the alleged abuse.

Her Twitter account was suspended for 12 hours yesterday for supposedly violating its community standards, which many interpreted as being linked to her fierce criticism of Ben Affleck and others. Twitter has since told The Guardian the suspension was due to McGowan tweeting a private phone number, which is against Twitter’s terms of service.

Actors Anna Paquin, Alyssa Milano, and John Cusack are among those who’ve thrown their support behind the boycott, which is intended to show solidarity with survivors of abuse and protest Twitter’s silencing of McGowan and other survivors who speak out.

Twitter has faced frequent criticism for failing to address the torrents of abusive comments directed at women, minorities and those who speak out against abuse.

While the boycott is receiving widespread support, a number of people have voiced concerns with the effectiveness of removing voices from a platform to protest the silencing of victims’ voices. Several women of colour have also pointed out that they have been experiencing and calling out harassment on and off Twitter for years, and that this kind of snap action in response to a high-profile white woman being banned does very little to support them.

This thread by writer Eve Ewing is well worth a read on that note:

Those participating in the boycott have been tweeting their support with the hashtag #WomenBoycottTwitter before logging off for 24 hours. People of all genders are encouraged to support the boycott as allies.