Watch Young Louis C.K. And Young Nick Offerman In A Very Old Film

Ron Swanson, bleached-blonde, with a goatee. You will not be able to unsee it.

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So this is pretty cool. Tuna The Movie was written by Adam DeCoster, directed by Bob Byington, released in 2000 – and uploaded in full by DeCoster just a few days ago. It stars a couple of then-unknown comedians who have since become indie comedy heroes: Louis C.K. at his lo-finest, and a goatee’d and hideously bleached-blonde Nick Offerman (Ron Swanson on Parks & Rec).

The film also stars Kevin Corrigan (The Departed, Superbad, Grounded For Life), David Krumholtz (Numb3rs, Harold & Kumar), Jon Glaser (Late Night with Conan O’Brien) and Caroline Aaro (Wings). The adorable four-year-old boy? That’s Angus T. Jones from Two And A Half Men (you know, the guy who called his own show “filth” in a video for a Christian group, then apologised and was let back into the cast.)

Tuna The Movie is part one of a trilogy, apparently. It features a bunch of people driving around Los Angeles. It’s pretty odd? If you want, you can skip to 14:04 and watch Louis C.K. getting a very Louis C.K. blowjob from a co-worker, soundtracked by Minutemen. Los Angeles! (via Laughspin)