Watch The Trailer For Christopher Nolan’s World War II Epic ‘Dunkirk’ And Feel Lightly Stressed

Yes, this is Harry Styles' first movie.

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Before we all start thinking about Christopher Nolan’s new film Dunkirk, we need to come to grips with one thing — Harry Styles will probably die in this film. From the moment it was announced that Styles — having just been freed of constant touring by One Directions’s “hiatus” — was to appear in Nolan’s epic about the bloody evacuation of allied troops in France during WWII, it seemed inevitable that Styles would have a tragic on-screen end.

The reason I think that Nolan would do such a terrible thing is because well, a lot of the characters in this film will probably die. It’s a war film! And killing off Harry Styles would cause a deep misery felt around the world. If this new teaser trailer is anything to go by, Dunkirk is gonna to be one hell of a stressful film.

Though not shown in the short clip, Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy are also in it/may also die.

Dunkirk will be out in 2017.