There’s A Giant Obama-Style Billboard Of Tony Abbott In Sydney That Reads “Hopeless”

And more are on the way.

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The Prime Ministership of Tony Abbott has led to a kind of mini-Renaissance among Australian writers, artists, cartoonists and satirists, who now find themselves with a wealth of material to work with. One such group inspired to new creative heights is Abbottsolutely Hopeless, who are channelling their rage at the government into putting giant, Obama-style “HOPELESS” posters featuring the Prime Minister’s face up all over the place. The first one went up on Regent Street in Sydney’s Chippendale on Monday morning, and it’s so good that the tradies tasked with putting it up took photos of it once they were done.

“Inspired by Shepard Fairey’s Barack Obama ‘HOPE’ poster, our poster depicts the grim situation Australia finds itself in with Tony Abbott as Prime Minister leading an equally inept and uncaring ministry,” the explainer on the group’s site reads. They have plans to put up more billboards in Sydney, Melbourne and Canberra, as well as “hundreds of single sheet 700 x 1000 mm street posters” that will go up in the Sydney CBD and in Abbott’s own seat, Warringah.

Interestingly, the guy behind the idea, Michael Agzarian, is Triple J presenter Nina Las Vegas‘ dad. Good family.

If the idea of flooding the country’s most prominent vantage points with eyecatching posters ripping on Tony Abbott appeals to you, check out their website and sling them some funds here. Here’s their Facebook page, too. Go on.