Watch Scott Morrison Dodge A Question On Whether He Thinks Gay People Are Going To Hell

It's a simple question.

Scott Morrison refuses to say if he thinks gay people are going to hell

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Prime Minister Scott Morrison has dodged a question about whether he thinks gay people are going to hell, because apparently that’s a hard thing for him to answer.

Morrison was asked about his views on LGBTIQ rights at a press conference in Perth on Monday. The PM, a Pentecostal Christian who campaigned against same-sex marriage when he was treasurer, refused to say whether his personal views on the subject have changed, instead telling reporters that “I always support the law of the country” and that he was glad people were able to “get on with their lives”.

He was then asked directly whether he thought gay people were destined to go to hell, apparently in reference to a controversial Instagram post by rugby player Israel Folau.

Now, for the record, this shouldn’t be a stumper. It’s a simple yes or no question, albeit one where answering yes makes you look like a gigantic bigot. So naturally, Morrison… didn’t answer. Instead, he reiterated that he supports “the law of the country” before adding that “I don’t mix my religion with politics”.

Here’s the thing though: the question didn’t have anything to do with the law. It was about what Morrison personally believes. And if the answer was no, it shouldn’t have been hard to say.