How To Make Friends In Semester Two

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Getting back to the daily uni grind can be tough after the mid-year break. Following more than a month of alcohol consumption, binge-watching, and numerous visits to fast-food joints, many of us find the beginning of semester two can be a severe shock to the system.

Us university-goers basically spend semester one re-learning how to write and think critically, the phrase EAT-SLEEP-ESSAY-REPEAT echoing throughout the student halls. However, the second half of the year is dominated by a desire to increase social outings and strengthen new friendships. With that being said, here’s our guide to fitting in and making friends during semester two.

Talk About Game Of Thrones

There’s a highly probable chance you’ll come across a GoT fan or two when completing your studies, so why not start potential friendships with a bang? First impressions are critical, so choose carefully from these foolproof GoT references:

– “You know nothing [insert tutor name here].” Disclaimer: this line is only to be used in circumstances when you’re 100 per cent certain your instructor is wrong. It might leave you at odds with him or her, but your fellow students will think you’re more hilarious than Tyrion himself.

– “Winter is coming.” Cheesy, but such a classic. Yes, winter will be well and truly upon us at the start of semester two, but this line is a hell of a lot livelier than, “Ooh bit chilly, eh, fellas?”

– “I demand trial by combat.” Upon receiving an unsatisfying assignment grade, whisper this line to your nearest classmate – we guarantee it’ll be the start of a beautiful friendship.

Whenever Game of Thrones is involved, the possibility of forming lifelong, meaningful university relationships (much like that of Daenerys and her dragons) is that much greater.

Open With A Fun Fact

This might seem like a really impractical way to start a conversation, but it works like a charm. If you’ve ever had someone mind-boggle you with a line such as, “The five-cent coin actually costs six cents to make,” you would appreciate the power of sharing such a tasty titbit. To understand exactly how this tactic works, watch this short clip from the 1996 film Jerry Maguire (apparently bees and dogs can smell fear). How interesting…

After a few “Did you know?” facts, you’ll have adorned a top hat and monocle in no time at all.

Suggest Coffee

Caffeine is the lifeblood of every student – fact. Without this magical substance, there’d be many an assignment unfinished and class unattended (if you think Sam and Frodo made it to Mordor without a few strong cuppas, you’re sorely mistaken).

No matter where, when, the cost, or the reason, it’s always coffee time. Suggesting a trip to the nearest café is something everybody can agree upon, and a friend that reminds others that it’s coffee o’clock is a friend worth having.

On an unrelated note, apparently four espressos a day can be harmful. Uh-oh spaghetti-o.

Talk About Game Of Thrones (Again)

“Do you know who really grinds my gears? That Cersei sheila.”

If an awkward silence looms or conversation becomes stale, take it back to basics. Throw in a controversial plot point from the most recent episode of GoT, and things will fire up quicker than (spoiler alert!) Viserys Targaryen’s head.

Refer To Course-Related Matters

How hard can it be to fit in if you’re talking about uni at uni with uni students? Everyone has something to say, whether it concerns the difficulty of an assignment, tutor struggles, or confusion about referencing systems (damn you Harvard, damn you!). Referring to course-related issues will never cease to be a winner during social situations, but always bear in mind that you might be absentmindedly exacerbating the fears and stresses of others.

By using one or more of these Game of Thrones-fuelled tips, fitting in and making friends in semester two will be as easy as pie. As Bryan Fontana famously said, “60 per cent of the time, it works every time.”

(Lead image: Game Of Thrones/Facebook)