John Oliver Just Roasted The Shit Out Of Barnaby Joyce On ‘Last Week Tonight’

"Joyce has such incredible family values that he can't restrict them to just one family."

Barnaby Joyce Last Week Tonight

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Last Week Tonight host John Oliver has gone in on the Barnaby Joyce affair, in a brutal segment about the dumbest chapter in Australian politics in… I mean, at least a couple of weeks.

The comedian hasn’t been on the air since November, and had quite a lot of stuff to cover. But he still found time to take a couple of jabs at our embattled Deputy PM, best known to American audiences as the guy who threatened to murder Johnny Depp’s dogs.

“Joyce is a social conservative who opposed same-sex marriage in the referendum last year because he believes in traditional family values,” Oliver explained. “You might think that is hypocritical, but in reality Joyce has such incredible family values that he can’t restrict them to just one family.”

Oliver also spoke about the wall-to-wall media coverage the affair has received, joking that the Australian press jumped on the story “like a Deputy Prime Minister with a wife and four children jumping on his 33-year-old former media adviser”.

Get your jokes in while you can mate. Chances are you’ll have a whole new Deputy PM to make fun of before too much longer.