A Crew Of Legends Transformed U2’s ‘Beautiful Day’ Into A Dance-Pop Bop On ‘The Set’

The Jungle Giants, Patience, and Sycco covering U2?? Yes, please.

jungle giants photo

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The best covers take songs in new and original directions, transforming the familiar and producing something innovative and strange — which is why we feel confident in calling the Jungle Giants’ take on ‘Beautiful Day’ by U2 one of the best covers to drop in some time.

Yep, rather than paying slavish homage to the original, the band have taken the melody of the extremely famous U2 banger and fashioned it into new and twisted shapes.

They haven’t done it alone, either: the live performance of the cover, which went down on The Set, also included vocal duties from up-and-comer Sycco and uber-talent Patience (formerly of The Grates). The disparate acts pooled together their talents, each bringing something new to the version, and taking the whole performance to the next level.

Indeed, bringing together strange bedfellows has become something of the modus operandi of The Set. First we had Genesis Owusu and The Chats taking on ‘Psycho Killer’ by Talking Heads, and then we had Paul Kelly, Eves Karydas and Ziggy Ramo bringing magic to a cover of Rhianna. Each of these performances is wildly different; each is proof that there really are some new things underneath the sun.

Watch the cover of ‘Beautiful Day’ in full below: