The New ‘Jessica Jones’ Season Two Trailer Explores Her Tragic Origin Story

She also punches and swears and drinks a lot.

Jessica Jones

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Jessica Jones is by far the best superhero on television, and in extremely exciting news for nerds everywhere, the full trailer for her much anticipated second season has been dropped by Netflix.

As opposed to the slightly unsatisfying teaser that we were given a few months ago, the new trailer is much more meaty and dark and full of precious details.

It’s very clear that season 2 will revolve around Jessica’s mysterious origin story, which is an interesting strategy for the second season of a superhero’s journey. Usually we get the whole origin myth out of the way at the beginning.

“I have seventeen years of questions, and they are deep,” says Jones in the trailer.

It seems that Jones is investigating the horrific crash that killed her parents, and the sinister lab that experimented on her and gave her super powers for some unknown reason. That’s obviously a lot in itself, but there’s also a bunch of “super vigilante shit” occurring: a shifty dude trying to absorb her into their stable of private investigators, and a big old murder spree in New York. There’s also hints that the sinister purple man himself — season one’s immensely terrifying villain Kilgrave — will be returning.

One of the most exciting aspects of the trailer is the cameo by Jessica’s friend Trish Walker, who is slated to eventually becomes a superhero in her own right. Trish was one of the best parts of season one, and it’s fantastic to think that she’ll continue to have a prominent role.

“Jessica might not want a sidekick, but she needs one,” Walker says.

The plot all looks pretty solid and exciting, but just as importantly, Jessica continues her trend of drinking hard, cussing and calling men out on their shit. We can also look forward to the fact that every episode of this season is directed by a woman.

“Depends if I can get through this night without losing my shit,” drawls Jones, which seems like an accurate description of what it will be like for us watching the new series.

Watch It Here:

Jessica Jones Season 2 drops on Netflix on March 8.