You’ve Gotta See This Generic Millennial Ad Made Entirely From Stock Footage

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As a millennial, I often hoverboard down the street while instagramming my avo toast and affecting a carefree vibe totally at odds with the crushing reality of the housing and job markets. While I do this, upbeat instrumental music usually pumps from my surroundings unbidden, which is fine as it meshes nicely with my desire to spontaneously break out in dance in the middle of the street.

Just kidding (or “jk”, if you want that in ~~millennial-speak~~). I have never done any of the things above, despite every millennial-targeted TV ad ever insisting that I do, because literally no-one lives like this.

If you’re similarly done with the vision of millennial life cooked up by boomers in advertising, you’ll be pleased to know a company has finally taken a different approach. Stock footage distributor Dissolve has cooked up a new vid that perfectly roasts every millennial-targeted ad ever by recreating them entirely with stock footage.

The result, complete with upbeat tunes, the words “LOL” and “BRB” in trendy fonts, and a voiceover cheerfully telling generic-but-beautiful people they’re special and unique, does exactly what it says on the tin — looks like every other millennial-focused ad you’ve ever seen, except it’s actually clever.

It’s not the first time Dissolve has pulled this stunt. In 2014 it adapted a beloved McSweeneys piece to make a Generic Brand Video, replete with random shots of scientists, the environment, and timelapse shots of cities set to inspiring music and garbage voiceover. They’ve also done a Generic Presidential Campaign Ad, which features the iconic line “wherever I go, so do lens flares”.

You can watch the ads below. You won’t regret it.