5 Meditation Techniques You Need To Know Before Exams Start

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Meditation isn’t all about breathing in an out you know! Recent studies show that meditating before you study can improve your reading comprehension, memory, concentration, stress and anxiety.

Post-meditation, your mind is less likely to wander and you’re more likely to stay focused for longer periods of time. Plus it always helps after a stressful day at work to take some time to yourself and just breathe. Below are five meditation techniques that can benefit your mind and physical wellbeing in the lead up to exams. Good luck and Namaste.

Concentration meditation

This involves focusing on a single point. It could be the regulation of your breath, the sound of the rain or wind blowing against your window, a candle flame or a repetitive gong (If you don’t happen to have a gong in your bedroom, there’s a thing called YouTube). To begin with, it will be tricky (and maybe boring) to concentrate on just one thing when you have a million other thoughts whizzing through your mind. But rather than pursuing random thoughts, you will learn to just let them go, along with the stress and anxiety that comes with it.

This meditation will improve: Stress and concentration AKA no more procrastination!

Walking meditation

You don’t have to sit still for 30 minutes in order to feel peaceful. Walking meditation will give you a break and allow you to come back to your desk feeling focused and energised. Find a location that is relatively peaceful and where you won’t be disturbed. As you walk, become aware of how the ground feels beneath your feet and concentrate on regulating your breathing. Also become aware of the nature sounds surrounding you that you would usually ignore. The aim is to feel at peace with the world, even if it’s for a little while.

This meditation will: Boost creativity and productivity.

Mantra meditation

Find a positive mantra that inspires and calms you. When meditating, take a deep, full breath and when you release, either say or think this mantra and repeat it to yourself throughout the process. This meditation allows you to focus and feel empowered throughout the exercise. But remember to tell your fam/roomie to not disturb you during this time. Someone barging into your room and screaming “WILL YOU SHUT UP” kind of kills the vibe.

This meditation will: Improves critical thinking, problem solving and reduces anxiety.

Guided meditation

Guided meditations are awesome because you have someone talking you through the entire process, making it’s easier to keep your mind blissfully empty and distraction free. Search YouTube for “10-15 minute mediation” and sit back and let someone else do most of the work for you. Download some meditation apps such as Calm or Buddhify that guide you through the relaxation process step by step. Repeat after me and say “Ohhmmmm.”

This meditation will: Reduce stress, manage pain and calms the mind.

Kindness meditation

Find somewhere comfortable to sit or lie down (but don’t fall asleep!) and concentrate on breathing in and out. Once you’ve regulated your breathing, generate feelings of kindness and compassion towards yourself and others. Think of someone you are grateful to have in your life, or something you love about yourself. The result of this is that the more you practise this mediation, the more joy and happiness you will experience.

This meditation will: Increase your mood and increase feelings of purpose and self-acceptance.