The Government Is Giving Newstart And Youth Allowance Recipients An Extra $750 This Month

The payment will be available from March 31.

government money

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The government is handing out $750 cash bonuses to more than six million Aussies as part of their plan to stop the economy from going into the toilet during the coronavirus pandemic.

Those already receiving a government payment — that’s people on Newstart and Youth Allowance, a disability support pension, carers’ allowance, veterans, pensioners, and those receiving family tax benefits — will all be eligible for the one-off payment from March 31.

Casual workers who contract COVID-19, or have to self-isolate, will also be eligible for Newstart while out of work.

The typical wait time to access payments will be waived but the government says people will still need to wait about five days to allow for processing times.

People will also face an assets test before receiving the money.

There are fears COVID-19 could push Australia into a recession, and the government is hoping the cash payments will boost the economy. The payments are part of a huge economic stimulus package worth $17.6 billion.

Earlier today The Greens also announced they will introduce a bill to provide 14 days paid sick leave to all workers, including casual employees, if they cannot work due to COVID-19.

The Australian Council of Social Services has welcomed the cash payments, but CEO Cassandra Goldie said it would only bring short-term relief.

“We’re calling on the Government to urgently increase Newstart by $95 per week ongoing by the Federal Budget to help lift people out of poverty and prevent those facing job losses from falling into the poverty trap, while rebuilding the economy,” she said.

The package also includes $1.3 billion to help keep apprentices in their jobs, plus cash payments of between $2,000 and $25,000 for small and medium businesses to help pay wages or hire extra staff.