Please Enjoy These Lovely Pics Of Tony Abbott’s Sister Finally Getting Married

Even Tony had a good time.

christine forster wedding

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Here’s some lovely news for your weekend: yesterday, Tony Abbott’s sister Christine Forster finally got married to her longtime partner Virginia Edwards.

This wedding has been an extraordinarily long time coming — the pair, who’ve been together for ten years, spent much of the past year on the front lines of the postal survey, campaigning hard just to have the right to get hitched. Forster, in particular, had to watch her own brother quite publicly oppose that right, which must have been absolutely shit.

Finally getting to walk down the aisle, then, was a huge moment, and the pictures from the ceremony are the most heartwarming things you’ll see all day. I mean, look at this:

They even invited Tony, too, which was incredibly generous given the amount of time and energy he poured into vigorously opposing the rights of LGBTIQ+ people to marry. And as it turned out, he had a pretty good time — he told press beforehand that he was “very happy” for the couple, and event photographers snapped more than a few pics of him cheesing it during the ceremony.

tony abbott at his sister's wedding

Behold, Tony Abbott attending a same sex marriage and not being negatively impacted whatsoever

Tony Abbott with Christine Forster and Virginia Edwards

Here he is again, enjoying himself

As one of the most high profile same sex weddings to take place in Australia so far, the ABC’s Australian Story have been filming Christine and Virginia’s wedding preparations, and they were at the ceremony yesterday too. If these photos weren’t enough for you, you can catch their episode on ABC and iView on Monday.

For now, though, the brides are enjoying some well-deserved post-wedding bliss. As Forster tweeted this morning, there are “no words for this…it’s just us”.


Images supplied by Inlighten Photography with Christine and Virginia’s permission. You can see more pictures of the wedding over at Inlighten’s blog here.