7 Scientific Facts About Breakups You Need To Know

Wallowing can be really good for you.

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Your heart has been ripped out of your chest, your ego has been obliterated and any and all feelings of trust for greater humanity have been banished. No, you’re not a comic book hero working through a climactic moment in a film. You’re going through a breakup.

Studies have found that the emotional pain of a breakup is processed by the brain as physical pain. As in, the hurt you’re going through isn’t just in your head; it’s real. And it’s a real pain we kind of have to endure alone.

Here are a few facts to keep in mind.

#1 Most People Are Unsure About Breaking Up With Someone Until They Do It

The toughest thing about breakups is that they’re not cut and dry. A new study has revealed that most people are still questioning their decision when they break up with someone.

There’s really no good time to do it.

#2 The More You Stalk, The Harder It’ll Be

You know how I just said the hardest part about breakups is that they’re not cut and dry? I take it back. The hardest part about breakups is social media.

We don’t need science to tell us that stalking our ex’s Facebook and Instagram after a breakup is a terrible idea, but they did anyway. According to this Facebook surveillance study, the more you look at your ex’s profile, the harder it is to get over them.

Hit that unfriend button stat.

#3 You Do Have To Find Yourself Again

You’re not crazy for feeling lost after a breakup. In fact, studies have proven it happens to nearly everyone.

This 2009 paper found that “individuals experienced self-concept content change and reduced self-concept clarity post-breakup.” Or in plain terms: they freaked out about who the fuck they were without the person that has become their other half.

Yes, it’ll be hard to figure out how to move on without your partner. No, you won’t feel like this forever.

#4 It Takes Men Longer To Get Over It

A study from Binghampton University found that men find it much harder to move on with their lives post breakup.

While women feel more of the emotional pain at the beginning of the breakup, they’ll eventually bounce back to normal, whereas men take way longer to recover.

So if you’ve got a guy friend who’s finding it a little difficult, offer some support.

#5 Wallowing With Ice Cream And Rom Coms Is Good For You

Lorelai from the Gilmore Girls, in her infinite, charming wisdom, was totally right. Wallowing is a necessary part of the breakup experience. And this 2015 study proves it.

Of course, the study stipulated that too much wallowing could prevent the person from moving on. So only allow yourself a little bit of wallowing then dust yourself and get back up.

#6 It’s Kind Of Like Breaking An Addiction

When you fall in love, the same regions of your brain that are correlated with attraction and connection are the same regions of the brain that are associated with addiction and dependency.

KeSha was right: your love is a drug.

#7 They’re Actually Not As Bad As They Seem

We all think that our pain, anguish and heartbreak will last forever, especially because it just hurts so bad. But it actually won’t! A study published in the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology found that people overestimated how bad their heartbreak was, and actually got over their ex quicker than anticipated.

See? Scientific proof you’ll be juuuust fine.

(Lead image: New Girl/FOX)